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Welcome to the Louisville SQL Server & Power BI Users Group!

Our group is generally made up of folks that hail from the Derby City and surrounding Ohio River Valley area, who all have a passion for Microsoft SQL Server and the technologies that surround it. 

We are a diverse group with skills ranging from "accidental DBA's" to senior administrators, seasoned developers to big data analysts and all of the other backgrounds that fall in between.

Do you love to learn? 

Do you love sharing what you know about the complex challenges of working with SQL Server?

Then come join us, and make yourself at home.  


Next Meeting




Understanding SQL Server Statistics

Join us on Thursday, June 12 for the next monthly meeting of the Louisville SQL Server Users Group!  We will meet at Mirazon, our monthly sponsor who has graciously agreed to host our meeting this month.  We plan to have food arrive at 6:00pm with the meeting starting at 6:15pm.  Our featured presentation will begin at 6:30pm.  Note that this meeting will be our first evening meeting of the year!

Our meeting sponsor this month is Mirazon:

Mirazon is a world-class provider of technology solutions and consulting services. The Mirazon team is a strong advocate for virtualization and is renowned for their high level of technical expertise and customer service. The company is a Microsoft Gold Certified Infrastructure Partner and has strategic partnerships with VMware, DataCore, Cisco, and others. Customers rely on Mirazon as a trusted IT advisor and solutions provider that delivers complete business solutions. Visit http://www.mirazon.com.

Please come out for our June meeting, learn about SQL Server statistics, and thank Mirazon for being our sponsor!

Featured Presentation:

Understanding SQL Server Statistics

Sreeni Julakanti, Database Architect Humana

This session will introduce you to SQL Server statistics, including how to create, manage, troubleshoot and more! Statistics are a key part of getting solid and repeatable performance and are easily just as important as having indexes. SQL Server statistics provide cardinality estimations and selectivity of data. We’ll also look at how SQL Server creates statistics objects automatically to enable the Query Optimizer to make the right plan choices based on estimated costs.

About Sreeni:
Sreeni Julakanti joined Humana in 2007. Starting in the SQL Server Database Administration Services group, Sreeni now works as a Database Architect at Humana. His work centers on performance and tuning, helping to support several major and critical IT projects. Sreeni currently holds an MCITP certification.

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