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Welcome to the Louisville SQL Server & Power BI Users Group!

Our group is generally made up of folks that hail from the Derby City and surrounding Ohio River Valley area, who all have a passion for Microsoft SQL Server and the technologies that surround it. 

We are a diverse group with skills ranging from "accidental DBA's" to senior administrators, seasoned developers to big data analysts and all of the other backgrounds that fall in between.

Do you love to learn? 

Do you love sharing what you know about the complex challenges of working with SQL Server?

Then come join us, and make yourself at home.  


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Scaling a Distributed Architecture & Real-time Data for an Evolving Business

October 2019 Session #1

Featured Presentation:

Scaling a Distributed Architecture & Real-time Data for an Evolving Business

Deana Ritter, Senior DBA

Come join us for a lunchtime meal (courtesy of or friends at TEKsystems), when our fellow PASS volunteer, Deana Ritter of Schneider Electric, will be sharing a case study of where she designed a solution for delivering fresh data to business end-users and achieved greater manageability of data flows. Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management and automation and her business model is built around making fast energy management and automation decisions. Deana found that their replication solutions were no longer serving the growing needs of the company and needed to find a better way to deliver data. She will share her journey in finding a replication solution that could handle growing data volumes, horizontal scaling, and provide Schneider’s growing number of customers fast, accurate data at their fingertips. Deana will discuss challenges uncovered along the way, and how she found a solution that could satisfy multiple requirements that not only pleased stakeholders, but is flexible and scalable for Schneider Electric’s long term needs.

About Deana:
Deana Ritter has a PASSion for databases. She first began working with databases in the late 80’s starting with DBase3 then onto SQL Server 4.2, Sybase, Oracle and continues through today. She yet to meet a database she didn’t like. She has a broad range of experience from development through production support for both small and Enterprise level operations. Currently she is focusing on Master Data Management and data transport. She loves sharing her knowledge with the community and has been a SQLSaturday Louisville committee member since its inception.

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