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Welcome to the Louisville SQL Server & Power BI Users Group!

Our group is generally made up of folks that hail from the Derby City and surrounding Ohio River Valley area, who all have a passion for Microsoft SQL Server and the technologies that surround it. 

We are a diverse group with skills ranging from "accidental DBA's" to senior administrators, seasoned developers to big data analysts and all of the other backgrounds that fall in between.

Do you love to learn? 

Do you love sharing what you know about the complex challenges of working with SQL Server?

Then come join us, and make yourself at home.  


Next Meeting




Clustered Columnstore Indexes

Join us on Thursday, March 12 for the next meeting of the Louisville SQL Server Users Group! We will meet at the Humana Training Center in the Waterfront Plaza in downtown Louisville. We plan to have food arrive at 11:30am with the meeting starting at 11:45pm. Our featured presentation will begin at 11:50pm.

Our meeting sponsor this month is Skybridge Resources:

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Please come out for our March meeting, learn about clustered columnstore indexes, and thank Skybridge Resources for being our sponsor!

Featured Presentation:

Clustered Columnstore Indexes

Dave Fackler, Senior BI Architect Rolling Hills Enterprises, Inc.

SQL Server 2012 introduced columnstore indexing but with one major drawback -- columnstore indexes were not updateable. Thus, adopting them to improve data warehousing (or other) query patterns took careful planning and quite a bit of management. SQL Server 2014 introduces clustered columnstore indexes that are now fully updateable! During this session, we'll take a look at how clustered columnstore indexes work, what implications exist for using them, and how the update process is handled. We'll also take a look at what management and maintenance operations are required to keep clustered columnstore indexes performing optimally. Anyone with a large data warehouse environment (or even an OLTP or ODS database with very large tables) will definitely want to attend!

About Dave:
Dave Fackler is a business intelligence architect, focusing on enterprise data warehouse and business intelligence solutions using Microsoft technologies. Dave has helped organizations design and implement large-scale data warehouses, exploiting SQL Server enterprise database features using dimensional modeling design principles and best practices. He has also architected and developed several enterprise ETL processes using SSIS and its robust set of high-performance tasks and transformations. Dave has delivered various end-user reporting solutions using SSAS and SSRS, often coupled with SharePoint and Office components. Dave speaks about business intelligence at numerous technical conferences, user groups and professional groups each year.

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